The Book

It's About Time

The Book

Fadi Chehade

This book radically changed the human dimension of my daily encounters with fellow citizens. Shah’s lucid analysis will open your eyes to a huge social injustice and then startle you with a simple and elegant solution that would immediately improve the lives of millions. Once in a while, you read a book and then you go and buy copies for all your friends with a personal note to act. It’s About TIME is one of these rare books.

—Fadi Chehadé

Chairman, Digital Ethos Foundation

It's About Time

How Businesses Can Save the World

(One Worker at a Time)

It’s About TIME invites readers into a head-slapping understanding of how we came to pay workers in this country and how an industry of predatory practices positioned to “help” the poor amid crises have resulted in massive financial stress and a loss of happiness and productivity. The book shares a fascinating look at the role “time” plays in our society and how it’s about time for company leaders to step into their heroic nature and right this injustice.

Its About Time Hardcover
Andy Eby

It’s About TIME opened my eyes to how performing a routine business process has been causing unnecessary financial duress to a majority of my workforce. On behalf of the 90 million people in America living paycheck to paycheck, and particularly those for which I am responsible, thank you for showing me a better path moving forward.

—Andy Eby

President, Bickford Senior Living